National and Supreme Court, Waigani


The National Court (established under s163 of the Constitution of Papua New Guinea) is the superior-level trial court in Papua New Guinea and the Supreme Court (established under s160) is the final court of appeal and the highest court in the country. Judges of the National Court form panels of the Supreme Court on an ad hoc basis to hear appeals from the National Court and administrative tribunals. Both the Supreme Court and the National Courts have an inherent power to make orders in the nature of prerogative writs and such other orders as are necessary to do justice in the circumstances of a particular case.




The National and Supreme Courts can, at the time of sentencing of a convicted offender, consider a range of non-custodial measures.  In so doing, the Courts would take account of the rehabilitative needs of the offender, the protection of society and the interests of the victim(s).  Non-custodial options include:
  • Reprimand and warning
  • Conditional discharge
  • monetary penalties, such as fines
  • Confiscation or an expropriation order
  • Restitution to the victim or a compensation order
  • Suspended or deferred sentence
  • Probation and judicial supervision with or without orders for restitution or community work orders
  • Referral to a rehabilitation centre with conditions



National and Supreme Court,

PO Box 7018, Boroko, NCD

Ph: 324 5700

Fax: 325 7732


District Court, Port Moresby, Boroko,Waigani, Kwikila, Kupiano, Moreguina & Magarida

Magisterial Services (established by s173(1) of Constitution of Papua New Guinea) administers the District Court system within PNG, and there are 57 District Court establishments across the nation staffed by 88 magistrates and more than 500 court support staff.

The District Court's key functional jurisdictions include:

  • Hearing of Civil matters (general civil and family court),
  • Hearing of Criminal cases (committal and summary),
  • Establishing Leadership and Administrative tribunals,
  • Hearing matters relating to Land (Local and Provincial Land Courts),
  • Conducting Village Court appeals and reviews,
  • Juvenile Criminal Court matters,
  • Pikinini (Civil) Court matters, and
  • Coroner’s Court

The District Court uses formal and informal approaches for settling grievances, particularly in the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Magistrates can also make orders for a community work order to be undertaken by a defendant who has been found guilty.  Where mitigating factors outweigh the aggravating factors, the defendant may be placed on probation with conditions for community work and/or payment of compensation. 


Port Moresby District Court

PO Box 1020, Port Moresby.

Ph: 321 4069,  Fax: 321 2655


Family & Children's Court

PO Box 1138, Port Moresby

Ph: 321 0620/321 4069  Fax:  321 6241/321 2655

Boroko District Court

PO Box 1486, Boroko

Ph: 325 5033,  Fax: 325 8551

Waigani District Court

PO Box 1030, Boroko

Ph: 323 9173/9199,  Fax: 323 4480

Kwikila District Court

P. O. Box 58,


Rigo District, Central Province

Phone: 329 5020,   Mob: 7204 2986  CUG:19 11246

Kupiano District Court

Free Mail Bag

Kupiano Station

Abau District, Central Province

Magarida District Court

C/- P.O.Box 647,Alotau

CUG: 719 11270

Mareguina District Court

CUG: 719 11270

719 11248

Village Courts, NCD

Village Courts are an essential part of PNG's formal court system.  They are established under the Village Courts Act 1989 and the Village Court Regulations 1973.  There are more than 1,500 Village Courts across the country, supported by over 15,000 officials, including 900 women.  Each Village Court has 4-5 Village Magistrates (appointed by the Minister for Justice as judicial officers), 3-4 Peace Officers, and 1 Clerk.  Over 90% of people living in PNG have access to a Village Court, which have the jurisdiction to settle local disputes and deal with minor crimes using customary conflict-resolution approaches wherever possible.

Village Courts are the largest provider of restorative justice services in PNG, and are authorised to do the following:
  • Mediate disputes between individuals, clans or communities.
    • Encourage parties in dispute to use local conflict resolution processes such as the "Local Chieftain System" or "Community of Elders".
    • Convene a Full Court Sitting (if mediation fails or the parties do not want to use mediation) or convene a Joint Court Sitting if the matter involves people from different Village Court areas.
    • Issue formal Preventive Orders to stop further harm, damage or fighting offences.
    • Deal with minor crimes through mediation or court sittings.  The primary goal is to achieve an outcome that is acceptable to all parties and, if this cannot be achieved, the Court can make decisions and make orders (eg. fine, compensation, restitution, work order, etc.)
    • Ensure that Village Court orders are obeyed under the Village Courts Act 1989.  If defendants fail to obey these orders, the Court can issue an Imprisonment Order which then needs to be endorsed by the District Court.
    • Refer a matter to a higher court for serious offences outside the jurisdiction of the Village Court Act and Regulations.
    • Refer a matter to another service provider (eg. Department of Community Development).


Mr Temu Elly

Provincial Village Courts Officer

NCD Commission

Dept. of Community & Social Services

Division of Social Services (Village Courts)

PO Box 7270, BOROKO, NCD

Ph: 323 1455, 323 1921, 323 4491

Fax: 323 1492

NCD has 26 Village Courts

Mr Tom Asi

Provincial Village Courts Officer

Central Provincial Administration

Division of Law and Justice

Private Mail Bag, Konedobu

Central Province

Ph: 321 4287

Central Province has 66 Village Courts

Provincial Administration & Dept. for Community Development

The Provincial Administrations across PNG have Community Development Branches, which provide services on behalf of the Department of Community Development.  The Welfare Officers and Child Protection Officers employed by the Provincial Administration administer the provisions of a number of acts, including the Laukautim Pikinini Act, Deserted Wife & Children Act, Marriage Act, National Youth Service Act, and National Council of Women Incorporation Act.

Provincial welfare, gender & child protection officers provide the following services to the public:
  • Investigation and reporting of cases of abuse or neglect involving family or children (including domestic violence)
  • Assist with juveniles in the Police lock-ups and negotiate for their removal from the cells where appropriate
  • Deal with adoption applications and birth registration
  • Monitor employment of children in the workforce
  • Conduct counselling and mediation on all issues affecting families (particularly in relation to family conflicts, child abuse, adultery, and sexual assault/harassment)
  • Inspections of Child-Minding Centres and early childhood development programs
  • Conduct awareness programs to communities and attend school board meetings
  • Provide referrals in relation to custody & maintenance, adultery cases, & adoption


Ms Ronnie Mamia

Manager NCD Welfare

Varahe Road, Gordons, NCD

Ph:  3112544

Mr. Luciano Mekeo

Acting District Community Development Officer

Free Mail Bag

Kupiano Station

Abau District

Mob: 7281 4779 / 7284 4779

Police Department

The Police Department has introduced the concept of Community Policing which encourages the community itself to resolve disputes of a minor nature and only to refer more serious matters to the police.  This approach reduces the pressure on the police resources and has better long-term outcomes.  The department has also established a Police Juvenile Justice program as a section under the community policing directorate and is supported by UNICEF. 

The Community Policing Unit:

  • Designs and executes programs to reduce crime
  • Conducts community awareness on the benefits of living peacefully
  • Encourages communities to establish volunteer community policing officers to support the work of village court operation
  • C
  • Serves as the monitoring and evaluation unit for Police Juvenile Justice programs conducted in activity centres throughout the country
  • Is the point of contact between the Police Department and other partners dealing with the rights of children
  • Plans and conducts training on JJ program within the Department


Mr. Daniel Lingnoge

Coordinator JJMU

Police Head quarter Konedobu

Ph: 324 4274

Mr. John Kolopen

Director Community Policing

Police Headquarter Konedobu

Ph:322 6315/13/25

Insp. William Geno

Station Commander

Kupiano Police Station

Free Mail Bag

Kupiano Station

Abau District

Probation, Parole & Juvenile Justice Services, NCD & Central Province

CBC is an agency within the Department of Justice & Attorney General.  CBC has offices in every province across PNG and it plays a central role in developing and implementing restorative justice programs throughout the country.  It provides members of the community with access to community justice services which include the provision of non-custodial rehabilitation programs for both adult and juvenile offenders.  This assists offenders to re-enter society as responsible, productive citizens.

CBC is responsible for:
  • Drafting and submitting Pre-Sentencing Reports and Means Assessment Reports to the National and District Courts in order to assist the courts on appropriate alternatives to prison sentences for convicted offenders.  These alternatives could include probation, community service, mediation, restitution, compensation, counselling, rehabilitation or other diversionary strategies aimed to divert offenders from further misconduct.
  • Drafting Pre-Parole Reports in consultation with Correctional Services and the Parole Board.
  • Establishing links with government agencies, businesses, and NGOs to arrange short-term work assignments for offenders under Court orders.
  • Supervising and counselling of adult and juvenile offenders on community-based Court orders, and also parolees bound by Parole Orders to do community work.
  • Providing Courts with reports on breaches of court orders.
  • Conducing inspection visits of juvenile detention and correctional facilities


Senior Probation Officer

Probation, Parole & Juvenile Justice Services

Dept. Of Justice & Attorney General

P.O.BOX 7752, Boroko, NCD

Ph/Fax: 325 2731

Ph: 341 3795

Office of the Public Prosecutor, Waigani

The core function of the Office of the Public Prosecutor (OPP) is the prosecution of matters in the National Courts and criminal appeals in the Supreme Court across PNG.  The Public Prosecutor is empowered under the Constitution to control the exercise and performance of the prosecution function of the State.  As part of the conduct of prosecutions the OPP has contact with victims of crime. 

As part of its prosecution function the OPP provides an information and referral service to victims of crime whose matters are before the National and Supreme Courts.  This involves:

  • Liaison with victims of crime during the conduct of prosecutions in the superior courts.  Liaison with victims takes the form of referral to support services and provision of information as to the criminal justice process and court proceedings;
  • Support to victims during court proceedings; and
  • Assisting victims with preparation of Victim Impact Statements for presentation to the court at sentence hearings.

The OPP also makes submissions on behalf of the State as to the appropriate penalties that ought to be imposed by the superior courts following a conviction. 


Mr Israel Hukula

Victim Liaison Officer

OPP Head Office, Level 4, Tisa Haus

P.O. Box 662, Waigani NCD

Ph: 325 0366 / 7100 2299

Fax: 325 2795

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Correctional Services, Bomana

Established under the Correctional Services Act, Papua New Guinea Correctional Services is the government agency responsible for the custody, confinement and rehabilitation of offenders and prisoners.  It is also responsible for the effective administration of the agency.  CS is responsible for operating correctional institutions across all provinces in PNG.

CS provides the following rehabilitation programs in its correctional institutions:

  • Vocational training (literacy skills, training in basic building trades - carpentry, roofing, brick & stone laying, metalwork, electrical and plumbing - agricultural skills for oil palm, cocoa, coffee & rice farming as well as fishing)
  • Counseling, mentoring, conflict resolution and mediation
  • Awareness programs on gender respect, domestic violence, and the prevention & spread of HIV.
  • Prisoner review and recommendation for detainee placement on parole or release on license


Correctional Services Head Office

P.O. Box 6889, Boroko NCD

Ph: 323 1855/323 1978

Fax: 323 0407

Bomana CIS

Ph:  275 3021

Fax: 275 3018

PEACE Foundation Melanesia, NCD & Central Province

Established in 1989, the PFM's vision is to promote traditional Melanesian restorative justice systems and processes to build peace and harmony in PNG communities.  The core business of the PFM is to provide community based conflict resolution training through the delivery of its Community Justice Training Package.  The Foundation is a non-government organisation (NGO) which is governed by a Board of Governor drawn from the Public and Private Sectors and the Community.

The PFM provides a range of programs and activities including:

  • Research and publication
  • Community awareness
    • Project work aimed at crime prevention
    • Community justice training programs to build people-skills, mediation and restorative justice (supported by a Community Justice Training Manual published in English and Tok Pisin)


Mr James Laki

Executive Director

PO Box 1272, Port Moreby, NCD

Portion 2230,Stores Road, 4 Mile, Boroko, NCD

Ph: 325 8076/77

Ph: 325 8091

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

City Mission, NCD

City Mission PNG is a Christian-based organisation founded, in 1993, by Larry George, an Australian bank manager, who saw the need to provide training and support to unemployed and dispossessed youth in Port Moresby.  The Mission now provides crisis and long term accommodation for young men, women and children, as well as counselling, medical & emotional rehabilitation, skills training, and assistance in finding suitable employment.  After strong success in Port Moresby, these programs were extended to into the regional city of Lae.  City Mission is funded through donations from business houses and corporations.  Agencies such as AusAID, SDP and the EU have also provided support.

City Mission PNG provides a range of programs and activities in Port Moresby and Lae:

Port Moresby

  • Koki Head Quarters:  is the main office and administration of the Mission and also provides accommodation for youth that have passed through the Mission program and have found employment.
  • Newcrest New Life Skills Training Centre:  provides rehabilitation and training of teenage youth in vocational skills, literacy and numeracy, and agricultural skills.
  • Haus Ruth:  provides safe and secure accommodation and counseling for victims of domestic violence, rape and child abuse.


  • Lae City Mission New Life Plantation:  provides rehabilitation and training of teenage youth in vocational skills, literacy and numeracy, and agricultural skills.
  • Haus Clare: is a Crisis Centre for children who have lost their parents to HIV AIDS and other crisis accommodation for children referred by Police and the Women's Support Centre at the Hospital.
  • Buablung Haus: is a hostel and main office for Lae City Mission.  It also provides accommodation for youth that have passed through the Mission program and have now found employment in town.
  • Lae 2 Mile Meri Seif Haus:  provides crisis accommodation in the settlement for wives (and children) that are abused in the home environment and require short-term refuge.  It also runs a community school with over 100 children in attendance as well as classes in sewing, cooking and literacy for adults.


Mr Ron Brown

City Mission POM

PO Box 5872

Boroko, NCD

Ph: 320 0606 Pom

Fax: 3201363 Pom

Email Pom: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mr Larry George

City Mission Lae

PO Box 2599, Lae

Ph 475 1214 Lae

Fax 475 1213 Lae

Email Lae: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anglican Church, NCD & Central Province

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea is made up of five dioceses – Port Moresby, Aipo Rongo, Dogura, New Guinea Islands, and Popondetta.  Priests are trained at Newton Theological College, Popondetta, and catechists at Kerina Evangelists' College at Tsendiap in Western Highlands Province.  The Anglican National Office and the church's administrative headquarters is at Lae. The Anglican Education Division operates 3 high schools, about 100 community schools and 2 vocational centres, whilst the Anglican Health Service runs 3 health centres (rural hospitals), 12 health sub-centres and 12 aid posts.

The church provides several programs in PNG:
  • Church Partnership Program (Lae), run in partnership with other Christian churches (counselling and training in Literacy, gender empowerment, and HIV prevention)
  • Anglicare, which provides services (in Port Moresby, Popondetta & Mt Hagen) to those infected & affected by HIV (testing, counselling, home care, and training of health workers)
  • Mother' Union, provides training and family life support to mothers, and care to the sick, imprisoned or disabled (all diocese)
  • Women in Ministry, support women (in Popondetta) who are sick and homeless and encourage women to take up roles in the church councils
  • Sisters of the Visitation, run an orphanage (in Popondetta) for children, advocates for children's rights, and provide counselling
  • Society of Saint Francis, a ministry which provides care (in Popondetta) for the homeless, including shelter, counselling and mediation.


Church Partnership Program

Anglican National Office

PO Box 673, Lae

Ph: 472 4111, Fax: 472 1852



PO Box 6491, Port Moresby, NCD

Ph: 323 2489/325 1855, Fax: 323 2439


Mothers' Union, Port Moresby

Ph: 325 1855, Fax. 325 1105

Catholic Church, NCD & Central Province

The Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea is made up of 4 Archdioceses and 15 Dioceses in Vanimo, Altape, Wewak, Lae, Madang, Mt Hagen, Wabag, Mendi, Goroka, Kundiawa, Kavieng, Kimbe, Rabaul, Kerema, Daru, Aloutau, Berina, and Port Moresby.  The church runs numerous programs across PNG (regional contact details can be obtained by ringing the Port Moresby numbers below)

The church programs include:
  • Pastoral Service:  training, planning, monitoring & evaluation
  • Marriage Tribunal:  church marriage separations & related matters
  • Youth Ministry:  training
  • HIV:  awareness, testing, treatment & care
  • Drugs & Alcohol:  awareness & counselling
  • Family Life:  awareness, training & counselling
  • Social Apostolate:  skills training (sewing, cooking & handcrafts)
  • Remand & Rehabilitation Centres:  care, training & supervision
  • Women's Ministry:  all programs relating to family and gender issues
  • Family Services & Caritas:  counselling, skills training (literacy, farming, cooking, leadership, disaster relief, & integral human


  • Sr Rebecca (325 1192)
  • Steven Tama (7276 5992)
  • Sr Therese Aihi (325 1192)
  • Lucy Lavu (325 1192)
  • Sacred Heart Brothers (325 1192)
  • 325 1192
  • Clement Waiker (325 5250/7668 8672)

Life Outreach Ministries (Morata Halfway House)

Life Outreach Ministries was established in 1987.  The LOM concentrates on rehabilitating young men and women who find themselves on the wrong side of the law and also the homeless and abused.  Our approach is holistic by restoring body, soul and spirit.  We seek to transform them into productive men and women capable of taking care of themselves and their families and also contributing effectively to the PNG nation.  Clients are referred to us by word of mouth and through our reputation of success over many years.  We also go out into the community and encourage those in need to come into the programme.  The LOM is represented in 5 provinces in PNG, as well as in Australia and the Philippines.  In Port Moresby there is a large facility including safe accommodation at its Jesus Centre Halfway House (JCHWH) 

The ministry, through its JCHWH, provides several programs in PNG:

  • Provide a safe environment free from the temptations to go back into crime, drug taking, gang membership, etc.
  • Train our clients to follow the HWH programme eg. Punctuality, reliability, honesty
  • Train in skills such as cooking, sewing, carpentry, painting, brick laying, cement work, welding.
  • Create an atmosphere where the young people take pride in the work they are involved in.
  • Encourage each one to improve their education level.
  • Provide assistance in finding and keeping a job.
  • Regular attendance at church services and study groups.
  • Set visions and goals for each individual to strive to achieve.


Pastor Charles Lapa, Founder

David Odd, Manager

PO Box 2776, Boroko, NCD

Ph:  7683 0210 / 7227 0354 / 7652 4195

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



P.O Box 276, Lae, Morobe Province


P.O Box 148, Kimbe, WNBP


Mendi – P.O Box 501, Mendi, SHP

Wapenamanda – P.O Box 139, Wabag, Enga Province


P.O Box 632, Boroko, N.C.D


UNICEF – Child Protection Team, NCD & Central Province

The Child Protection Task Team supports the Government of PNG in the development of legislation, policy, the introduction and enforcement of child protection programs such as the implementation of the Luakatim Pikinini Act, the Juvenile Justice Act and the National Juvenile Justice Policy.  The Task Team works with the various responsible agencies within the Department of Justice & Attorney General to improve the treatment of juveniles through capacity building, training and improved monitoring systems.

The Child Protection Task Team supports the following programs:

  • Support to the Village Courts Secretariat in the implementation of the “Women’s and Children’s access to Justice program” in Milne Bay, Eastern Highlands, Simbu and East Sepik province
  • Technical assistance and support to the National Juvenile Justice Committee and the Provincial Juvenile Justice Working Groups throughout the country
  • Technical support to relevant justice actors (DJAG, Royal PNG Constabulary, Magisterial Services, Community-Based Corrections) to progress juvenile justice reforms within their agencies
  • Support to the Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit in nationwide capacity building of the RPNGC in regards to the implementation of the Police Protocols on Juvenile Justice
  • Implement changes based on the outcome of the evidence-based situation analysis on the rights of child survivors and witnesses to enable the Law and Justice Sector to accelerate programming in this area


Ms. Kristina Wesslund

Child Protection Specialist, Justice for Children

United Nations Children’s Fund

Deloitte Tower Level 14, Douglas Street

P.O. Box 472, Port Moresby, NCD

Ph: 308 7316, 321 3000 (ext.316)

Fax: 321 13 72

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hohola Juvenile Remand Centre, NCD & Central Province

This is a State-owned institution run and managed by the Sacred Heart Brothers under an agreed management contract.  The Centre is specifically for juveniles on remand.  The Centre accommodates the remandees and provides basic educational programs, and may expand these services in the future.

The Centre provides a range of services for juvenile remandees:
  • Secure accommodation
  • Educational programs (primary and secondary)
  • Building of life skills and religious values
  • Sporting activities


Br. Lazerus Bung


Sacred Heart Brothers

Hohola Remand Centre

P O Box 3524, Boroko, NCD

Ph: 344 2264

YWCA, NCD & Central Province

The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) is a Christian-based global network of women leading social and economic change in 125 countries worldwide.  It advocates for peace, justice, health, human dignity, freedom and care of the environment, and has been at the forefront of raising the status of women since it was founded in 1894.  In PNG, the YWCA is a membership organisation open to women and girls who wish to share their skills and time to help other women and girls to develop and grow in Spirit, Body and Mind and to become leaders in advocacy and action for social justice.  The YWCA has a head office in Port Moresby with a number of branches across the nation. 

The YWCA has a number of core programs, including:
  • Hostel accommodation for working girls or students
  • Prison rehabilitation programs which include court attendance, supervision of offenders on parole (community work orders), counselling, and mediation
  • Under 18 Children's Club which includes school holiday workshops, juvenile justice training, child rights and responsibilities, empowerment of young women, and drug and alcohol education
  • Also general training programs in literacy (beginners to advanced), leadership development, dress-making, cooking, reproductive health, HIV, computer training, and social, educational and spiritual activities.
  • Youth adolescent Health Club provides training in the areas of women, youth and children's rights and the sexual health of girls and boys


Mrs Kila Amini, General Secretary

Mrs Marie Balil, Programs Co-ordinator

YWCA Port Moresby

PO Box 1883, Boroko, NCD

Ph: 325 6522 or 340 6927

Mrs Elaine Namuesh

General Secretary

YWCA Lae Association

PO Box 1463, Lae

Ph:  472 1691

Fax: 472 3436

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Salvation Army, NCD & Central Province

The Salvation Army is a Protestant Christian Church known for its extensive philanthropy and charity work.  It is an international movement in over 122 counties, including PNG, where it was established in 1956.  The Salvation Army runs numerous programs within PNG with the assistance of numerous volunteers.  Its head office is in Port Moresby with a number of branches across the Country.

The Salvation Army’s key program are:

  • Juvenile Justice advocacy in courts, children/defendants (court sittings, juvenile visitation and follow-up)
  • Restorative Justice Awareness & Training Program ((Central Province, Kerema, Abau District, Lae and Sepik)
  • Supporting the poor with food and clothing
  • Providing clean water, sanitation and health education
  • Educational facilities - child-care, primary & secondary schools and a Flexible Open Distance Education program (FODE)
  • Child Protection & Victims Support Program (legal assistance, support during court trial or proceedings) at National Court, Waigani
    • FSV, Lifeline, Family Support Centre, Haus Ruth City Mission, Police Victim Desk, PPO, PSO and National Court.
  • Literacy  Class  for children in the Salvation Army Community
  • Hostel and Motel accommodation
  • Prison Ministry Program ( Combine dedication Services)
  • Women, Children and youths Ministry Program in Divisions


Salvation Army Headquarter

PO Box 1323, Boroko, NCD

Ph: 325 5507/ 3255522  Fax: 325 3534


Mr Gini Kevin

Territorial Coordinator & Juvenile Justice Officer,  Ph: 325 5507/22/07  Fax: 325 3534

South Central Division

Box 1323, Boroko, NCD

Ph: 321 6000   Fax: 321 6008


North Eastern Division

Box 343 Kainantu, EHP

Ph:5371220  Fax: 5371482

North Coastal Division

Box 667, Lae, Morobe Province

Ph: 472 0905    Fax:  472 0897

North West Division

Box 365, Goroka EHP

Ph: 532 1382  Fax: 5321218

Major Vari Burava

South Eastern Division

Box 84, Kwikila, Rigo Central Province

Ph: 329 5008   Fax: 325 3534

Mobile: 7145 5524

Sepik Division

Box 184, Wewak, ESP

Ph/Fax 456 1642

Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation, NCD

The primary purpose of the Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation is to facilitate short-term skills development training for financially and socially advantaged young men and women in the NCD.  The Foundation was formed in 2001 and, to date, more than 10,000 people have been assisted through the Foundation.  Dame Carol Kidu is a Founding Member and Patron of the Foundation.  Ginigoada has a close partnership with the Yumi Lukautim Mosbi (YLM) program which is involved with Urban Safety & Crime Reduction.

The Foundation also facilitates the ‘Laikim Laip’ programs, including:

  • Young Life Mobile Program - targeting children from about 6 years to mid-teens (this program visits 5 different locations each week, for a 20 week program, delivering introductory level education and positive social interaction for the participants).
  • Young Skills Mobile Program - targeting the older teens upwards (this program delivers a 10 day course at selected locations throughout the NCD.  Since commencing at the end of 2010, this program has had over 1,500 graduates)


Ms Jessica Moala

Administration Officer

POMCCI Bizcentre, Level 3 Ela United Church Building, Douglas Street Port Moresby

Ph:  321 3077

Yumi Lukautim Mosbi (YLM Youth Skills & Re-integration Scheme)

YLM is a crime prevention and urban safety program in partnership with the Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation (which provides vocational training for children and young persons) and the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry (which provides on-the-job training in the Chamber's member businesses).  These training programs are designed to assist disadvantaged young persons to find permanent employment, and YLM has a good track-record of achieving this aim.  YLM is currently seeking GoPNG funding to extend its programs to Mt Hagen, Lae, Rabaul and Madang.

YLM provides a wide range of activities and training initiatives, including:

  • Over 30 training courses sponsored by YLM and delivered through Ginigoada at a number of vocational training centres.  As part of this program, each year, 5 positions are specifically reserved (on every course) for young offenders (referred by CBC) in order for them to gain vocational skills and hopefully enter the workforce.
  • On-the-job training in businesses and industries associated with the POM Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Mr Rabua Aiga

YLM Co-ordinator, Port Moresby

Ph:  72763406


Ms Lucy Totil

Deputy Co-ordinator

Ph:  71097210

Lifeline Papua New Guinea (Nationwide)

Lifeline Port Moresby is affiliated with Lifeline Pacifica.  It is a non-profit, voluntary organisation which is supported and managed by all the Christian churches in PNG.  Lifeline provides counselling services for anyone who asks for help, regardless of race, sex, creed or belief.

Lifeline offers:

  • Telephone counselling (nationwide)
  • Written counselling (nationwide)
  • Face-to-face counselling (Central Province & NCD)
  • Media counselling (National & Wantok Newspapers)
  • Women's Refuge (short-term accommodation, counselling and rehabilitation)



PO Box 6047, Boroko, NCD

Counselling (Ph):  326 0011/340 5832

Office (Ph):  326 1680

Address:  Lifeline Centre, Opposite Waigani Fire Station, NCD

Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc. (MEDF)

The MEDF is a charity organisation (NGO).  It has been in operation for over 10 years. Its mission is to promote educational opportunities for the disadvantaged children, students and people of PNG and greater Melanesia in order to help realise their full potential in life.  

MEDF offers:

  • Community Justice and Restorative Trainings
  • Win-Win mediation skills training
  • Re-fresher justice trainings
  • Skills development training
  • Business development skills – micro level


John Senior Kambona

PO Box 1636, Port Moresby, NCD

Mobile Contact:  (675) 7216 1978

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Links of Hope Inc.

Links of hope is a Trust established by John and Deborah Bromley in 2011.  The Trust provides support to women released from prison, on parole or on probation.  It also provides self-help opportunities to widows and orphans in settlements by providing small loans to start small business ventures and fund school fees.

Links of Hope provides:
  • Support to women on release from Bomana Women's Prison by providing counselling and advice and small loans for them to start business ventures
  • Widows and orphans in communities and settlements by providing small loans to start business ventures and fund school fees
  • Support to those who are HIV positive by providing loans for business venutes a fund school fees for AIDS orphans


John or Deborah Bromley

PO Box 32

Gordons, NCD

Ph: 7101-0622 or 7380-0775

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Office of Director of Lukautim Pikinini, NCD

Office of Lukautim Pikinini is a mandated Office established under the Lukautim Pikinini Act. The Director of Lukautim Pikinini is the head of the office. The Director delegates responsibility to the Provincial Child Protection/Welfare Officer in all the provinces to deal with child protection cases. It’s function is to administer and implement the Lukautim Pikinini Act, Adoption Act, Infant Act, Deserted Wives and Children’s Act, Family Protection Act, Juvenile Justice Act, and develop policies on family welfare matters.

The Office of Director of Lukautim Pikinini’s main principle functions are:

  • Collaborate with relevant government departments in policy matters related to child protection, survivial, participation and development
  • Help communities to set up programs for the protection of children and for the prevention and resolution of abuse
  • Provide direction on the protection of juvenile in conflict with the law
  • Promote partnership and engaged with relevant government agencies, Non-Government Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations and development partners to advance children’s program and services. 


Mr.Simon Yanis

Direct of Director of Lukautim Pikinini

PO BOX 6959


National Capital District

Phone: 7321278

Email: simonyanis@

Prison Fellowship (PNG) INC (PFPNG), NCD

Prison Fellowship PNG is a faith based organisation focused on bring Restoration, Healing and freedom to prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and those who are affected by crime in their communities. (PFPNG) is committed to establishing the Biblical principals of Restorative Justice in the criminal Justice system in PNG

The Prison Fellowship’s main principle functions are:

  1. Sycamore Tree Project

A successful Restorative Justice Program (5 weeks intensive) between offenders and victims for Reconciliation (program funded by RJCP in 2014 at Bomana (CS)

  1. Dream Maker Program

A Crime Prevention Program for schools using transformed ex-prisoners as role models, discouraging students from getting involved in crime at early stages which leaders to shattering their dreams.


Mr. Moale Vagi

National Direct of Prison Fellowship (PNG) INC



National Capital District

Digicel: 7320 0177

B-mobile: 7693 1858

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Rigo District Administration (Community Development), CENTRAL

The Community Development Sector is a Government Organisation which is established under the Department of Community Development. The purpose of the Organisation is to embrace and strengthen the Government Structure in providing basic goods and services in the District.

The Community Development Sector provides:
  • Welfare and Counselling
  • Organising and promoting sports in the District
  • Implementing and executing the Government Policies for development
  • Developing the project proposal documentations
  • Co-ordinating and liaising with the FBO, CBO, and etc...
  • Give technical advice to relevant Organisations in the District


Mr. Lorance Baro

Acting Advisor

Division of Community Development

Central Provincial Administration


Free Mail Bag

Port Moresby

National Capital District

Mr. Jeffrey Gei

District Community Development Officer

Omega Ministry – Kwikila Inter Denomination, CENTRAL

Omega Ministry was established in early 2004, by all the Christian Groups and Churches around Kwikila District. It runs mission programmes especially with the youths.

Omega Ministry provides:

  • Youth Crusades
  • Fellowships
  • Counselling
  • Sports
  • Restorative and Justice Programmes


Ps. George Lohia

Omega Ministry

Free Mail Bag


Central Province

Omega Ministry


P. O. Box 5639


National Capital District

Prophetic & Apostolic Church of God, NCD

Prophetic & Apostolic Church of God is a registered church which operates in PNG for 10 years now. The church main focus is to train soul/person to be spiritually, mentally and physically healthy to live an independent on this earth. The church has various programs to compliment the word of God to enhance the physical loves of the people.

Prophetic & Apostolic Church of God provides:
  • Elementary Education
  • Counselling of Abused Victims
  • Marriage counselling
  • Orphanage programs
  • Donation of clothes to disadvantages in remote place
  • Pastoral work
  • Life skills training


Ps. Peter Aglum

National Overseer

Prophetic & Apostolic Church of God

P. O. Box 1641,


National Capital District

Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea, NCD

The Ombudsman Commission is an independent constitutional Institution created by the Constitution in 1975.

 It consists of the Chief Ombudsman and two Ombudsman. A vibrant premier institution in persuit of promoting good governance and quality leadership in PNG by the year 2019

The main functions of the commission are to:

  • Investigate complaints about the administrative actions of governmental bodies and agencies
  • Administer the Leadership Code (outlines in the Constitution) by conducting investigations into the actions of Leaders
  • Investigate discriminatory practices under the “Discriminatory Practices Act” and the “HIV/AIDS Management and Prevention Act.”

Clarification on complaints


  • Complaints can be lodged by anybody directly affected by a decision or action of a governmental body, agency or a leader
  • All complaints are treated with strict confidence until all investigations are completed
  • Complaints will be advised in writing on the outcome of their complaint


Ms. Lydia Mulina

Acting Director – Regions & External Relations

Ombudsman Commission of

Papua New Guinea

Deloitte Tower, Section 5 Lot 16,Douglas Street, P.O.Box 1831,



Telephone: 308 2600/3255

Fax:320 3211

Toll Free: 180 1800

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ombudsmans Commission of PNG celebrated it’s 40 years achievement with an Expo held at Vision City, POM, 15th December, 2015

Scouts Association of Papua New Guinea, NCD

The Scouts Association of Papua New Guinea is a semi statutory organisation. It is an Act of Parliament. “Scout Association of Papua New Guinea Incorporation Act 1975”.

The aim of the association is to develop good citizenship in youth by forming their character; training them in habits of:
  • observation, self reliance and initiative;
  • loyalty, patriotism, pride in their heritage, desire for national unity, courage and thoughtfulness for others;
  • handcrafts, hobbies and activities useful to themselves;
  • encouraging youths to play a responsible part in the development of their own community and the community in which they live;
  • promoting their physical, mental, social and spiritual development.


Mr. Noel Pinda

General Secretary

The Scouts Association of PNG

P.O.Box 44,



Telephone: 7748 5819

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Urban & Rural Development Foundation Inc, NCD

Urban & Rural Development Foundation is an initiative of like minded PNG established for the purpose of delivering the very much needed basic services lacked by vast majority in the urban & rural communities of PNG.

Urban & Rural Development Foundation provides:
  • Counselling on victims of domestic violence & referrals
  • Awareness on human rights with other service providers/cross cutting issues, HIV/AIDS
  • Motivational & life skills training
  • Project Management


Ms. Janet Benabo


Urban & Rural Development Foundation INC.

P.O.Box 7948,


NCD 111

Telephone: 7157 0523

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WeCARe! (The Foundation for Women and Children at Risk)

The core essence of WeCARe! Is that they are a support provider, rather than a ‘hands on’  provider of care, to those who are concerned for the most at risk and most vulnerable members of the community. They reach out to those with real Christian compassion and concern, determined to empower the community so that the work of caring for the most vulnerable of its members becomes sustainable and not reliant on the never-ending assistance of organisations.

  • Provide educational support for the most vulnerable & marginalised
  • Provide feeding for the very poor families
  • Support Early childhood learning in the community
  • Provide support for those with special needs, such as disability and HIV/AIDS
  • Provide Training and income generating activities for vulnerable and marginalised and those at risk


Fr.John Glynn (Founder) or

Ms.Josephine Dromenge – Program Manager

P O Box 4187, BOROKO,NCD

Ph:  (+675) 340 2408 or 79103419

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Caritas Papua New Guinea - NCD

Caritas PNG is an agency of the Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC) of PNG & Solomon Islands. They promote Integral Human Development of the grassroots citizens of PNG.The mission of Caritas PNG is to take active role in social justice, peace, ecology, and human development issues as part of the pastoral mission of the Church, promote Catholic Social Teaching, address injustice, inequalities, poverty and dependency which undermine human dignity, and be a voice for the poor and marginalized to build a better PNG.

It has operates through main goals: Integral Human Development (IHD), Disaster & Relief Management, Helping the Poor and Marginalized, Research & Advocacy, Child Protection, Gender Equality, Ecological Stewardship & Care of God’s Creation, Democratic Governance.

  • Community mobilization and action program – Cooperative Society/Community Association formations and trainings).
  • Leadership training for Village Ward Councillors, Village Courts, and Peace Mediators, etc. Peace-building (conflict management, restorative justice, conflict mediation/)
  • Women’s empowerment (economic, leadership, personality)
  • Community leadership training.
  • Youth formation program for delinquent youths.
  • Male advocates for peace and development in communities.
  • Counselling services for victims of gender violence/sexual violence, and other forms of emotional restoration.


Mr.Raymond Ton - Director

 P O Box 6576, BOROKO 111,  NCD

Ph:  325 6497 / 323 2324 /325 9726

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Mr. Clement Waiker

Diocesan Caritas Coordinator

Port Moresby Catholic Archdiocese

P O Box 1032, BOROKO,NCD

Ph:  325 6123

Fax:325 6103

MB: 7323 6782

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Mr.Andrew Opu

Catholic Diocese Bereina


Ph:  325 6123

Fax:325 6103

MB: 7323 6782

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National Youth Development Authority – NCD & Central

The National Youth Development Authority is a government agency established to provide policy directives for the youth of PNG. It provides a framework for planning and program development for all agencies and organisations involved in youth development work. Inclusive in its policy area for stakeholders to develop and implement programs is Law Order and Justice with the objectives to promote, maintain safety, security and peace in communities.

  • Provide capacity building for stakeholders/program partners
  • Strengthen community policing programs at the Provincial, District and Ward level
  • Encourage community based peer leadership on crime prevention and restorative justice programs for young people
  • Educate young people on their Rights against abuse and violence
  • Indentify and market rehabilitation training programs
  • Establish partner with training and rehabilitation institutions
  • Maintain and monitor youth program/project


Mr. Christopher Usuka

 Manager - Programs

National Youth Development Authority, P.O.Box 1028,WAIGANI,NCD,PNG

Ph:  323 1228 or 323 1249

Fax: 323 6745

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Tan Haus, Varahe Street – Gordons


Mr. Rex Buka

Community Development Officer – Youth Desk

P.O.Box 7270,BOROKO,NCD,

Ph:  325 0280 Ext:688 or 323 1249

Mobile:7281 6034

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mr. KIla Dick

Manager Social Services

 P.O.Box 7270,BOROKO,NCD,

Ph:  325 4711/325 3546 Ext:436

Mobile:7692 6011/718 00973

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Central Provinical Administration

Central Provinical Administration,Free Bag Service,KONEDOBU,NCD

Ph:321 4782/320 1750/3212710/321 0005

Fax:321 3995/3895


Mr. Lawrence Baro

Community Development & Welfare

Central Provinical Administration,Free Bag Service,KONEDOBU,NCD

Ph:321 4782/320 1750/3212710/321 0005

Fax:321 3995/3895


Mr. Bala Kapa

Director Community Services

Central Provinical Administration,Free Bag Service,KONEDOBU,NCD

Ph:321 5104

Mobile:720 44335


Mr. Tabu Vaira

Advisor Community Development

Central Provinical Administration,Free Bag Service,KONEDOBU,NCD

Ph:321 0005

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.