The existing organization structure of the Department was approved on the 26th November 2008, and started implementation in 2009. The implementation of the restructure is phased over (3) three years. During the year (2010) we conducted three batches of Selection and Recruitment exercise. Selection and recruitment for Batch No.03 exercise took place in December and actual engagement of personnel spill over to 2011.

The Department’s Total Establish stands at 593 positions, which is an increase of 309. Despite the major restructure, minor restructures were done to the following branches, State Solicitor’s Office, Solicitor General’s Office, Information Management Branch and the Public Curator’s Office, approved on 24th August 2010.

Therefore the new Establishment of the Department is 621. Our current staff on strength stands at 381 with 92 Lawyers and 289 other personnels employed across the country.


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