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Dr Lawrence Kalinoe

e are excited to announce the launch of our new website. This has been designed at giving browsers faster and more user-friendly access to the key information on the legal offices and the legal and justice services provided by the department.

In today's market consumers of any product are looking to the web for their first impression of a government-owned department and what they offer. Hence, the quality of our web presence is an absolutely crucial aspect of our core statutory and functional responsibilities and constitutional functions.

To have a stand-alone website now compliments our growth and development as it is often the first introduction to the department for many potential new browsers.Having our own website coincides with a period of expansion for us as a department with the Solicitor General's Office opening up branches in selected centers nationwide in 2011, commencing with Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands Province.

The new website will provide the Department information and increasingly 'e-enabled' services to all our customers into the future.The launch of our new website represents only one step towards developing our vision for the delivery of electronic legal and justice services to the government and its people in Papua New Guinea.

What we are ultimately aiming to do is use new ICT technologies, such as the Internet, to e-enable our citizens and those in similar jurisdictions in the Commonwealth, in their future dealings with the Department. I am sure you will all agree that our ambitious objectives for electronic legal and justice services delivery will greatly enhance our citizens' interface with the Department, and I take this opportunity now to thank everyone involved in the design and population of content for your excellent work in achieving this goal. We want to have a very friendly and highly interactive website so that we use this medium for dissemination of information on all matters and areas of our activities and operations.

That is the future, now for the present. 


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